How To Quit Smoking

One of the most difficult things to do is to quit smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes contain one of the most potent addictive substances on earth in the form of nicotine. Once hooked, it is extremely hard to give it up. Couple that with some very powerful psychological habits that are formed, such as using ‘your’ lighter to light up, certain times of the day that you smoke, certain occasions where you smoke and so on.

Then when you do quit, there are physical withdrawal manifestations that are real and are very uncomfortable. These manifestations can be so painful they can that they can rival the withdrawal symptoms of any narcotic.

There are nicotine gums, patches, and all kinds of quit smoking remedies, but even when they work, people are constantly picking up smoking again at a later date, because of all the social triggers. If they have the same friends who are still smoking, it is doubly difficult to stop smoking and really remain friends.

If you really stop and thing about it, smokers will all tell you how horrible a cigarette tasted when they had their first one, not to mention the pain they felt in their throat when they first inhaled. How then, could a person continue on and keep smoking? It is the nicotine, and the amazing ability of the human body to adapt and regroup. After a time, smoking almost becomes normal, and by then you are addicted and quitting is the farthest thing from your mind.

The latest rage of electronic cigarettes is a way to quit smoking, as they come with or without nicotine contained in the liquid casing that produces the vapor. Many people have found it easier to quit by starting out with a full load of nicotine from e liquid, and then tapering off, until there is none.

However you decide to quit smoking, just hitch up your resolve and do it, and never look back. Your health situation will improve almost immediately.